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    Welcome to the world of OPTICAL  ILLUSION. Don't worry your not going to be hypnotized. There are a variety of optical illusions. For example, objects having same size or shape or length but they appear to be different, rotating images, picture in picture etc. The various categories are listed below select them to enter into the world of illusion. Enjoy!


1.Distorting Illusions: Illusions caused by distortions of size, length, or curvature.

2.Physiological Illusions: These are the effects on the eyes or brain of excessive stimulation of a specific type - brightness, tilt, color, movement, etc.

3.Paradox illusionsThese are generated by objects that are paradoxical or impossible.

4.Fictional Illusions: These are illusions where the image may look different for different people...



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Created: 26th May 2008 

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